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About us

A Brief History

The Housing Authority of the Township of Irvington (IHA) was originally incorporated in 1949, in order to develop, maintain, manage and provide decent, safe, affordable rental housing for eligible, low-income senior and family tenant households.

The IHA site was named “Camptown Gardens”, in honor of William Camp, one of the original settlers of the nearby city of Newark, NJ, whose family owned the land along the Elizabeth River in Irvington (then Camptown) in 1750, upon part of which IHA was subsequently developed, much later.

Irvington Township Housing Authority

The site consists of 670 rental units, as well as administrative offices and resident facilities, located on a city block, in fourteen low–rise and high-rise buildings. IHA also administers more than 600 Section 8 Vouchers, including portables.

Board of Commissioners

Darlene Brown


Ms. Darlene Brown has been a resident of Irvington for 35 years and is very active within the community. She is the mother of four and grandmother of three. Ms. Brown is currently employed by the Irvington Board of Education. She attends Jehovah-Jireh Praise and Worship Church Center in Newark NJ, where she’s been a member for 12 years.

As a member of the Irvington Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, Ms. Brown believes her energy will support each and every endeavor that would promote the wellbeing of the residents who reside here.

Annette Beasley

Vice Chairperson

Calvin L. Bethea

Sean Evans

Zorana M. Figueroa

Anna Scott

Andre L. Francis III

Our Staff


Carmelo G. Garcia, MSIS, IM, CPM

Executive Director

Telephone : 973-375-2121 ext. 102   Fax: 973-375-4581
E-mail : edgarcia@ihanj.org

A lifelong resident of New Jersey, Carmelo Garcia is a committed advocate of citizen rights and takes a collaborative approach to ensure all stakeholders are represented in the growth the state is seeing today. Living by the mantra “We Can, We Will, Watch Us” make a difference, he brings a goal-oriented and outcome-driven attitude to his work and thrives on building relationships with partners across the development spectrum.
Garcia received his Master of Science in Information Systems and Management from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken and his Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Seton Hall University in South Orange. He also has a Certification in Public Policy & Community Development from the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, a Certification in Leadership and Management from Cornell University, and a Certification in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University.

Crystal Clemons-Bayyan

Executive Assistant

Telephone : 973-375-2121 ext. 101 Fax: 973-375-4581
E-mail: cbayyan@ihanj.org

Wanda Downing

Acting Property Manager 624 Nye Avenue, 81 Union Avenue

Telephone : 973-375-2121 ext. 110   Fax : 973-375-4581
Email wdowning@ihanj.org

Allison Unachukwu

Property Manager 101, 141 Union Avenue, Family Units

Telephone : 973-375-2121 ext. 105
Fax : 973-375-4581

Norma Carty

141 Union Avenue

Telephone : 973-375-2121 ext. 116
Fax : 973-375-4581
Email : ncarty@ihanj.org

Lucy Vasquez


Telephone: 973-375-2121 Ext. 104 Fax: 973-375-4581    E-mail : lvasquez@ihanj.org

Renee Burgess


Telephone: 973-375-2121 Ext. 122 Fax: 973-375-4581     E-mail : rburgess@ihanj.org 

Esther Eveillard

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Telephone: 973-375-2121 Ext. 114 Fax: 973-375-4581     E-mail : eeveillard@ihanj.org

Pia Amos

Section 8

Telephone: 973-375-2121 Ext. 112 Fax: 973-375-4581      E-mail : pamos@ihanj.org

Sharon Young

Maintenance Supervisor

Telephone: 973-375-2121 Ext. 306 Fax: 973-375-4581     E-mail : syoung@ihanj.org 

Quincy Bates

Section 8

Telephone: 973-375-2121 Ext. 112 Fax: 973-375-4581      E-mail : qbates@ihanj.org