Friday, June 22, 2018

Portability is an option that eligible Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) holders may utilize in order to move throughout the United States.  To assist with Portability transitions, the Irvington Housing Authority (IHA) will cooperate with other Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) to complete the portability process.  Please note: The Irvington Housing Authority is currently BILLING. 

If you're interested in moving to Irvington from another jurisdiction you must do the following:
Notify your Initial Housing Authority to let them know you want to be ported to the Housing Authority of the Township of Irvington.  The Initial Housing Agency must email ( or mail the Portability Packet to:

Irvington Housing Authority
81 Union Ave.
Irvington, NJ 07111 
Attention: Becky Candelora

Portability Packets will not be accepted if hand carried by participant or faxed.  Depending on the method of delivery, it can take 5 to 7  business days for the Section 8 Department to receive your paperwork from the initial housing agency.  Contact Ms. Candelora at 973-375-2121 ext. 119 to see if your information has been received. 

You will be given an appointment for an interview when it has been confirmed that your portability packet has been received.  You must bring the following items for your interview:
Current valid photo identification for everyone over the age of 18
Birth certificates for everyone in the household
Social Security cards for everyone in the household
 Proof of any and all income
All adults who are 18 and over and who will be listed in the family composition must come to the interview

An inspection will be scheduled after you turn in the completed “Request for Tenancy Approval” packet.  Once the unit passes inspection, you will be advised of your portion of the rent and authorized to move in.


If you're interested in moving from Irvington to another jurisdiction you must do the following:

 Contact your case worker to request a "Mutual Rescission Form" with which to notify your landlord of your intent to vacate the unit.  When you return the notarized Mutual Rescission Form you must advise your case worker of the jurisdiction to which you wish to be ported.   You will be issued a Housing Choice Voucher and your Portability Packet will be emailed to the receiving Housing Authority.  The entire Portability Move Out process typically takes an average of 60 days to complete. 


81 Union Avenue
Irvington, NJ 07111 
Office Number : 973-375-2121 
Office Fax: 973-374-6405