Friday, June 22, 2018

The Maintenance Department of the Irvington Housing Authority is responsible for the upkeep, repair, and maintenance of all Housing Authority owned buildings and grounds. This department is also responsible for the rehabilitation of vacated units. All emergency work orders are attended to within 24 hours. The average routine work order is completed within 72 hours. The goal of the Maintenance Department is to perform as much maintenance as possible with the existing staff rather than contracting for private services. The maintenance department is responsible for providing a safe & decent place to live.

If you have a repair request for your residence, please contact us at the following numbers:

Monday–Friday: 973-375-2121 ext. 306  
Evenings, Weekends and Holidays: 973-375-2121 ext. 307 or 309

When calling,  please let us know if this is an emergency request for service (service needed within 24 hours).  Examples of emergency maintenance requests include:

  • Smoke detector(s) not operating 
  • No heat in entire apartment 
  • Main stoppage (all sinks, bathtub, toilets) 
  • No hot water 
  • Major pipe burst 
  • Toilet stoppage (with one toilet in home only) 
  • No electrical service in the entire apartment (when utility bill has been paid) 
  • Lock out (you will be charged)



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Maintenance Staff

Alan Hardney,
Supervisor of Maintenance

Sharon Young,
Maintenance Dispatcher